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    BA-CHEM Peptides and HGH

    Swedish manufacturer of Human Growth Hormone – Genevatropin. Genevatropinis an exact replica to endogenous HGH, but it is produced in a licensed laboratory, instead of naturally within the pituitary. This medication can supplement naturally occurring levels of GH, to the benefit of patients who present a GH deficiency. Genevatropin HGH is one of the highest quality Human Growth Hormone markets in the Canadian market.

    Olympigen – Canadian manufacturer of Human Growth Hormone. Olympigen is synthetically produced Human Growth Hormone, produced in a laboratory. PG Anabolics prides itself in carrying one of the highest quality HGH products in the market.

    BA-CHEM is an independent international technology-based, public biochemical company that is capable of producing and development complex organic molecules and peptides. BA-CHEM Peptides is currently the only manufacturer in Canada with a complete line of Peptides designed for the purpose of performance enhancement in complete kits.