How To Choose A Steroid Source In Canada


I would argue that the most important aspect when it comes to choosing a reliable Canadian steroid vendor would be the brands supplied by the vendor. Factors such as fast shipping, quick customer service are integral to the success of an online vendor, but what good are those elements if the end product is of poor quality? What benefit does a user receive by receiving an order very fast, if the quality of the product is not as expected?

PGANABOLICS has placed its focus since day one on providing Canadians with steroid products of the absolute highest quality. The only way to do so, is by offering products from only the most reputable brands in Canada. Currently, PGANABOLICS offers Steroids, HGH, SARMS and other ancillary products from Ultra SARMS, SYN Pharma, Global Pharma & Pharma Tech Labs. All of these brands are extremely respected and have rave reviews on all Canadian Steroid Forums, such as Canadian Juice Monsters. PGANABOLICS also carries a large stock of Pharmaceutical Grade Products, which are the absolute best quality products anyone could ever obtain without argument.


Assuming a vendor carries quality products, the second most important factor in choosing a Steroid Source in Canada is the reputation of the vendor. We highly recommend looking at various forums and review sites prior to ordering from any vendor. Although no vendor is exempt from negative reviews, it is quite easy to distinguish a reputable vendor from a subpar or poor vendor. We believe that if a vendor’s negative reviews on a given platform are more than 10%, then that vendor is not a very good one. For example, if a vendor has a total of 300 positive reviews, then they should not have more than 30 negative reviews.

In addition to review sites, forums are also a good place to read up on in order to find reviews on Canadian Steroid vendors. Though keep in mind that some forums are operated and owned by individuals that own Steroid shops themselves, so they may be biased. Therefore, we believe that unbiased review sites such as MuscleGurus & Reddit are good overall indicators of a Steroid source’s repetition.


Last but not least, we believe that every vendor should be completely transparent and honest with their policies and rules. A vendor should have a clear FAQ section that states their policies pertaining to shipping times, returns and other common questions that a prospective client may have prior to placing an order. We believe that every vendor has the right to execute their policies as they see fit, but they should be clear about it in advance so that a client is never surprised by anything.

PGANABOLICS has a FAQ section that clearly communicates their policies.

In conclusion, there are many factors that a client should consider prior to placing an order with a vendor. We have listed 3 of the factors that we believe that are the most important! If you believe that there are other large factors that should be considered, feel free to send us an email with your suggestions!

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The Best Oral Steroid

One of the most common questions that beginners ask is: What is the best Oral Steroid to use? In this article, we are going to provide a brief summary of all Oral steroids and their respective applications. Before we dive into things, we should clarify that almost all Oral Steroids are liver toxic. The degree of toxicity is depending on the particular Oral Steroid. Although many intermediate and advanced users employ Oral Steroids in their performance enhancement regimens, it is mainly beginners that tend to want to predominantly use Oral Steroids. It makes complete sense. Oral Steroids are alluring because they can be taken orally. The use of an Injectable Steroid requires much more thorough research and commitment. The average gym rat may just be looking to enhancing their physique for a short period of time. For the most part, the use of an Oral Steroid for 4-8 weeks may be just enough to achieve the desired results of an everyday gym-goer. Although most everyday gym rats are set on using an Oral Steroid for their first “cycle” the question of which Oral Steroid in particular still stands. Ensure to check out our Liver Support section which provides products that provide liver support during a steroid cycle and sarms cycle.

Enter Dianabol

Average dose: 20-60 milligrams per day

Cycle Duration: 4-8 weeks

Dianabol is one of the oldest Anabolic Steroids, and it is also one of the most popular. It also tends to be one of the most readily and cheapest compounds available. Many Steroid users have started their first cycle with Dianabol. Dianabol is known to pack on weight and strength at a rapid rate and is generally known to give users a feeling of well being. Although Dianabol is not side effect free, most users tend to not experience many side effects aside from estrogen-induced issues. Dianabol does convert to estrogen and can as a result cause gynocomastia. However, this will not be an issue as long as the user uses an anti-estrogen such as Arimidex or Aromasin.

Cool fact: Dianabol is Arnold’s favorite Oral Steroid!

Enter Anavar

Average dose: 20-100mg per day

Duration: 4-16 weeks

Anavar is also known as Oxandrolone is also an extremely popular Oral Steroid, perhaps second only to Dianabol. Anavar is sought out by many users due to a variety of reasons. First, it is known to be one of the safest Oral Steroids. That is already a very large incentive for the health-conscious gym rate. Second, it is very effective at adding lean muscle mass without any water retention. Third, Anavar is very effective at increasing strength without much weight gain (making it very popular amongst fighters, boxers, martial artists, etc).

Most users tend to either use Anavar or Dianabol for the first cycle. One of the major drawbacks of Anavar is that it is extremely expensive. Due to the high price, it is also very commonly faked. Some users are turned off by the high price, and some are paranoid of being ripped off with a counterfeit product. Dianabol on the other hand is not only much cheaper but almost never faked.

In theory, Anavar is the better compound compared to Dianabol, but most tend to avoid it due to the price and difficulty of obtaining a legit product. We should note that Dianabol is a better-suited compound for individuals that tend to be very skinny by nature. Certain hard gainers tend to grow better with more “wet” compounds such as Dianabol, but for the vast majority of users, Anavar ends up being a better steroid.

Enter Turinabol

Average dose: 20-100mg per day

Cycle Duration: 4-8 weeks

Welcome to Turinabol. Turinabol is basically a cross between Anavar and Dianabol in terms of the effects that it tends to exhibit. It is not nearly as popular as either Anavar or Dianabol, but it has started to gain some traction and popularity in recent years. Anavar is known as a cutting oral steroid, while Dianabol is known as a bulking oral steroid. Turinabol is unique in the sense that it can be used very effectively during a bulking phase or a cutting phase. It tends to cause very little water retention, so most of the muscle mass gained on this compound is lean. Though it tends to put on more weight compared to Anavar, while still minimizing water retention.

In terms of side effects, Turinabol is not as safe as Anavar, but neither is it as harsh as Dianabol. Turinabol does not convert to estrogen, so gynecomastia is not a concern. It also is not as harsh on the liver as compared to Dianabol, but neither is it as mild as Anavar. As a whole, Turinabol is a great option for anyone looking to experiment with an Oral Steroid irrespective of their goals.

To sum up, Anavar, Turinabol and Dianabol are the 3 most commonly used Oral Anabolic Steroids that can be used as a standalone for a first cycle. It is important to note that Anadrol and Winstrol are also popular Oral Steroids, but these two compounds are not used often by beginners for a first cycle. To give our readers a quick summary of the 3 compounds:

Anavar: This is the safest choice, but the most expensive and also the most commonly faked. A very good choice for those looking to pack on lean muscle and strenght without gaining weight.

Dianabol: The cheapest option and the most readily available. Very effective at putting on weight and strength fast. Works very well for hard gainers. The most toxic on the liver.

Turinabol: Priced more than Dianabol, but cheaper than Anavar. It can be used by those looking to bulk up or lean down. Very versatile, and it does not have aromotize into estrogen.

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Cutting Steroids Vs Bulking Steroids


The use of Anabolic Steroids has become much more common and acceptable nowadays. Since steroids are more mainstream, it has left a lot of beginner and even intermediate Steroids with a variety of unanswered questions. In this article, we are going to focus on which Anabolic Steroids, in particular, should be used for a bulking phase versus a cutting phase. The question of “Which Steroid should I use” is an extremely common question that steroid users ponder about. Rightly so, there are over 20 Anabolic Steroids, many with similar names and even many with the same names but only a different ester. This has caused a lot of confusion for users and we hope that this article can enhance the knowledge of our readers in respect to making a more informed decision with their choice of Steroids.

Before we dove into the main differences, it should be stated that all Anabolic steroids build muscle. The main purpose of Anabolic steroids is to increase muscle mass and strength. In other words, all Steroids were designed to fulfill the same goal. Though they tend to exhibit different side effects, depending on their chemical structures. It should also be noted that no Steroid burns fat in a direct manner. Steroids can facilitate fat loss through a different variety of mechanisms which will be discussed in more detail.

Bulking Steroids

Global Pharma Testosterone Enanthate

We refer to bulking steroids are the compounds that would be used during a bulking phase. Bulking refers to the concept of putting on as much muscle mass and strength as possible. During a bulking phase, adding body fat and water retention are not factors that a Canadian Steroid users should be concerned about. Some addition of body fat and water retention is inevitable during off-season or bulking phase, in order to achieve maximum results.

The most commonly used injectable steroids for the purpose of bulking are Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Sustanon, Deca Durabolin and Equipoise. Oral Steroids can also be used for bulking, and the two most popular choices are Dianabol and Anadrol.

Testosterone is a given, as it is the base of almost all steroid cycles. The longer esters such as Cypionate and Enanthate are the more popular choices for bulking as they add more water retention and do not need to be injected as frequently as shorter ester Steriods such as Testosterone Propionate.

Testosterone is often stacked with another injectable Steroid, usually Deca Durabolin or Equipoise. Deca Durabolin is the better option for ectomorphs, while Equipoise is often preferred by endomorphs. Deca Durabolin is the “wetter” compound of the two and tends to put on a lot more water retention. Equipoise, on the other hand, tends to cause little to no water retention, making it a better choice for individuals that tend to get puffy and put on body fat easier.

Lastly, Oral steroids are sometimes used during a bulking phase, especially in the first few weeks in order to “kick start” the cycle. Since most injectable bulking steroids have long esters (meaning they take 4-6 weeks to exhibit their true potential) the use of an oral steroid for the first few weeks is an excellent way to start a cycle. Dianabol is the most common choice, as it tends to put on weight at a very rapid rate without many negative side effects. Anadrol is the other option, but Anadrol tends to cause some users to suffer from a low appetite, which is extremely counterproductive to a bulking cycle.

An intermediate bulking cycle is usually 10-16 weeks in length and usually can often pack on as much as 20-35lbs of total weight on a beginner to intermediate user. Many bodybuilders in Canada tend to be in a “bulking” phase for most of the year due to Canada’s cold weather. After all, what’s the point of being shredded if you can’t show it off, right?

Cutting Steroids

Global Pharma Trenbolone Acetate

A cutting phase refers to a period of burning fat in order to cut down on body fat levels. This is done through a caloric deficit. Bodybuilders and athletes use a variety of cutting compounds that contribute to reducing body fat levels directly, however, in this article we are only going to discuss Anabolic Steroids which are used during the cutting phase.

As we had mentioned in the introduction of this article: Steroids do not directly burn fat. Though throughout a cutting phase the goal is to limit water retention and give the body a hard, dry, grainy, and shredded look. Although Steroids do not directly burn fat, they can definitely attribute to a much drier and chiseled look. As for the compounds, Anavar and Winstrol are the most commonly used Oral steroids during a cutting phase. Trenbolone Acetate, Primobolan, and Masteron Propionate are the most common Anabolics used throughout a diet.

Trenbolone Acetate is the king of muscle retention. It is a very anti-catabolic Steroid and stable in most cutting stacks. It is extremely important to keep the body in an anti-catabolic state during a caloric deficit in order to ensure that no lean tissue is lost. After all, the more muscle a body has, the more calories it can burn at rest.

Aside from Trenbolone Acetate, all other Oral Steroids are optional. Winstrol is typically the best compound to dry out the body, but it also tends to cause joint point for some individuals, so some users tend to avoid it. The second best option after Winstrol would be Anavar. Anavar does not cause dry joints and tends to give the body a very dry look, albeit not as dry as Winstrol.

Masteron Propionate is another compound that is frequently used. Masteron is not a very strong compound so it does not do a whole lot to maintain muscle tissue or aid in strength. It is almost solely a cosmetic compound, but a very effective one. Many users report experiencing a much drier physique when using Masteron.

To summarize, users should understand that no specific Steroid burns body fat and that all Steroids build muscle. Though certain properties of particular compounds can be leveraged to facilitate a more productive cutting or bulking phase depending on the user.

Steroid Use In Canada

It is no secret that the use of both Injectable Steroids & Oral steroids has increased significantly in Canada throughout the past decade. It is tough to conclude what has been the predominant driving factor, but we believe that the increased popularity of fitness and health on social media platforms has been a critical influence.

We’ll start off this article by giving our readers a very brief overview of what Steroids are, and then we’ll dive right into the reasons why Canadians are using and buying steroids more than in the past.

Anabolic Steroids

To keep things simple, steroids come in two forms: oral and injectable. The oral form is taken by mouth, while the injectable form is administered via an intramuscular injection.

Anabolic Steroids are often referred to as AAS, which stands for Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids. Synthetic Testosterone is the first ever Steroid created, and it equally androgenic as it is anabolic. Other Anabolic steroids have varying ratings when it comes to how Anabolic or Androgenic they are. Steroids such as Primobolan, Anavar, Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin, and others were all created with the intent of manufacturing compounds that would be superior to Testosterone in respect to their side effect profile.

Steroids are predominantly used for various medical conditions, such as HIV, muscle wasting, low testosterone. When it comes to off label use, most individuals almost strictly use Anabolic Steroids due to their ability to increase muscle mass and strength.

Why has Steroid Use increased in Canada

Social Media

The use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook is absolutely rampant. The men and women of our society are exposed to such unnatural and unattainable physiques through social media, which has caused an immense distortion in their perceptions of what an “ideal body” should look like. Many of these ideal physiques that are displayed on social media are derived from individuals using Anabolic Steroids and other performance enhancing compounds. Recall the saying “Monkey See, Monkey do?” Well, in this case, it is quite obvious the men and women of our society are simply following the same regimens as their ideal social media models.

Health Consciousness

The demand for health supplements, ranging from muscle building supplements, herbal supplements, weight loss supplements, longevity supplements, and the use of supplements are a whole has absolutely exploded. Based on the most recent data, people are just looking to be healthier. Now we don’t think the use of Steroids is healthy, but many people associate healthy with how they look. Therefore, although more people are more health conscious, for some individuals steroid use is required in order for them to have the physique that they perceive as healthy.

Aside from the use of supplements, people just tend to care more so about their health. For example, many people have stopped smoking altogether or they have replaced it with Vapes. Although we do not know if one is safer than the other, it is evident that many people are at the very least trying to be healthier.

As a whole, the use of Steroids and other performance enhancements has increased big time in the entire world, and Canada is no exception. We believe that Social Media and the overall demand for society to be healthier as a whole are without a doubt heavily influencing the increased use of Anabolic Steroids. It will be interesting to see if the use of Steroids will continue to increase in the next 10 years, or there will be more innovations that will replace the tried and true synthetics drugs.

Differences Between SARMS & Anabolic Steroids

SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) have recently become the newest fitness fad and for good reason. SARMS are very effective at building muscle, they are legal (in most jurisdictions), they seem to be less dangerous than steroids, they are taken orally and they do not carry the stigma that comes with steroid use. Seems quite enticing, does not?

SARMS almost seems like the perfect and perhaps even a better alternative to tried and true Anabolic Steroids. Though are they really safer? Are they even as effective? We’ll try to answer those questions and more in this article.


Perhaps the biggest issue with SARMS is that they are still relatively “new.” They have not been studied nearly as long or in-depth as Anabolic Steroids. Anabolic Steroid use has been linked to various health issues such as liver damage, increased blood pressure, and cardiovascular complications.

SARMS are selective to skeletal muscle, while Anabolic Steroids can bind to any androgen receptors, which on paper makes them less safe than SARMS. Though as mentioned, the biggest issue with SARMS is that they simply have not been around long enough. We do know that Steroids can be hazardous to one’s health, but we know this because they’ve been extensively studied. We do not have any data showing that long term use of SARMS is safe.

When it comes to safety, we’re aware of the risks associated with Anabolic Steroids. We do not know the risks associated with the use of SARMS.  Theoretically, SARMS should be safer than Steroids, but we do not know for certain. We hope that SARMS can possibly be a safer alternative to Steroids, but at this time most SARMS are still being researched, so we simply do not know. In conclusion, one must ask, would you rather use the tried and true Anabolic Steroids, while being aware of all the prospective side effects? Or would you rather take a new compound (SARMS), which could potentially be safer, but could also potentially pose some unknown side effects down the road? That’s for you to answer.


All of the data we have access to that pertains to comparing SARMS to Steroids side by side is derived from anecdotal information. Thus far, we have not seen any scientific studies that compare the muscle and strength building properties of SARMS compared to Steroids. Such studies would be very difficult to conduct because the following questions would be raised: Which Anabolic Steroid is going to be compared to which SARM? What dose of each compound is going to be used?

Such questions are integral to the integrity of any study that would be making a side by side comparison of any SARM to any Anabolic Steroid. To make this clear, a very popular and widely used Anabolic Steroid Anavar (Oxandrolone) is commonly used by male bodybuilders at an average dose of 40mg per day. On the SARMS side, a popular SARM LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) is most often used at an average dose of 10mg per day. Perhaps Anavar may prove to be more potent than LGD-4033 at their most commonly used doses (40mg Anavar vs 10mg of Ligandrol), but how would 10mg Anavar compare to 10mg of Ligandrol? Not so simple now, is it?

Now let’s put the studies aside and analyze some anecdotal feedback. If you speak to the most experienced bodybuilder, they will without a doubt state that Anabolic Steroids are significantly more effective than SARMS. This could be due to various factors. One critical factor being that Steroids can induce muscle growth through mechanisms outside of androgen receptors (such as an increase in IGF-1 levels). SARMS, on the other hand, are “selective” androgen modulators, so they do not cause muscle growth through pathways outside of the androgen receptors. It’s also worth noting that many bodybuilders stack various Steroids together, which evidently create a more potent muscle building protocol. When it comes to SARMS, they can be stacked with one another. Though from the limited data that we do have, they do tend to be liver toxic, which means that it may not be prudent to stack multiple SARMS together for extended periods of time.

So far we do not have any scientific data demonstrating whether SARMS are more potent than Oral Steroids and Injectable Steroids when It comes to building muscle/strength one way or another. However, based on the limited information that we do have, combined with the anecdotal feedback from users, anabolic steroids seems to be the winner when it comes to muscle building and increasing strength.

Currently, PGANABOLICS a complete line of Canadian manufactured SARMS from both SYN Pharma & Ultra Research & Development. 

Injectable Steroids Vs Oral Steroids


One of the most frequently asked questions is: the difference between Oral Steroids versus Injectable Steroids. Most beginners are curious if one is better than the other.  The intent of this article is inform our views about the main differences between oral steroids and injectable steroids.

The Advantages/Disadvantages of Oral Steroids vs Oral Steroids


Let us begin by first defining what an Oral Steroid is. An Oral Steroids is any form of steroid that is consumed orally, such as a capsule, tablet or in some cases liquid. Some of the most popular Oral Steroids include Anavar, Dianabol, and Winstrol.  Oral steroids are extremely convenient to take as they can be taken like any other vitamin. This makes them much more appealing to users, because of the ease of use. Additionally, many users, especially beginners are frightened by the thought of having to administer an injection. And rightly so, not everyone is capable of administering an intramuscular injection to themselves. So when it comes to convenience, Oral Steroids are the clear winner.

Winner: Oral Steroids 


As appealing as the use of an Oral Steroid may be due to the absolute ease and convenience, that is where their advantage ends compared to Injectable Steroids. Oral Steroids are 17-allkalyed which means that they are orally active and are therefore very toxic to the liver. This should be a serious concern for a Steroid user, as Oral Steroids cannot be used for nearly as long as Injectable Steroids due to the fact that they strain the liver. In addition to liver strain, Oral Steroids are known to have a much more detrimental impact on cholesterol levels (HDL and LDL) compared to Injectable Steroids.

Most Steroid users tend to not use Oral Steroids for any longer than 8 weeks, as using them for any longer than that at a time tends to place too much strain on the liver. On the other hand, many individuals employ the use of Injectable steroids for months at a time without much strain on the liver. As a whole, both Oral and Injectable Steroids have their place in a Steroid Cycle, however Oral Steroids are generally much more harmful to one’s cholesterol and liver.

Winner: Injectable Steroids 


We do not believe that the form of an Anabolic Steroid, be it Oral or Injectable determines how potent it is. Certain Oral Steroids are much more potent than certain Injectable Steroids and the reverse is also true. Though as previously mentioned, Oral Steroids cannot be used as long as Injectable Steroids, which may be a limiting factor in achieving the best results possible throughout a Steroid Cycle. Many tend to stack Oral and Injectable Steroids in one cycle in order to reap the benefits of both. For example, a sample steroid cycle using both an oral and injectable Steroid would resemble something like:

Weeks 1-16: Testosterone Enanthate at 500mg per week

Weeks 1-8: Dianabol at 40mg per day.

The entire duration of this cycle is 16 weeks, where the injectable steroid Testosterone Enanthate is used throughout the entire 16 weeks, while the Oral Steroid Dianabol is only used for the first 8 weeks of the cycle.

Winner: Draw 


In conclusion, both Oral Steroids and Injectable Steroids have their place in the steroid regimen of a user. The most critical factor that users should consider is the ramifications of using Oral Steroids for extended periods of time. We hope that this article was able to provide our readers with enough information in order for them to make an informed decision in respect to utilizing injectable and oral steroids.

PGAnabolics is proud to be able to provide Canadians with an extremely wide array of both Injectable Steroids & Oral Steroids.


Steroid Use and Canadian Pro BodyBuilders


When compared to the United States, Canada has only about 10 percent of the population, making the total number of Canadian bodybuilders much less known. Although Canada has a much smaller population and therefore much fewer bodybuilders, it does not mean that Steroid using Canadian bodybuilders are not amongst some of the best in the world. Indeed, Canadians have played a strong role in the history of the sport of bodybuilding. We wrote an article earlier that focused on Steroid Use in Canada as a whole, but in this article, we are going to focus on some of the most well-known and successful Steroid using Canadian bodybuilders.

Paul Dillet

Dillet was born in Montreal, Canada and was trained by the legendary Chris Aceto. Dillet rocked 24-inch arms, super wide shoulders, humongous quad and insane had freaky vascularity all over his physique to top it all off. What made Paul Dillet super impressive was the fact that he stood at 6 foot 3 and competed around 280 pounds of lean shredded muscle. He was one of Canada’s best bodybuilders in the 90s that competed against other steroid using bodybuilders such as Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler, and Dorian Yates. Paul ended up placing 4th at the Olympia In 1994 which was his best placing ever. Keep in mind that the Olympia is the biggest bodybuilding event in the World. So a Canadian was the 4th in the entire world in 1994. Not too bad! Paul is now retired and he is the owner of his own bodybuilding federation and seems to be very successful. 

Greg Kovacs

Kovacs is perhaps even freakier and bigger than Dillet, but unfortunately he was very successful as a pro bodybuilder. Kovacs off season weight was well over 400 pounds and he competed around 320 pounds. Nowadays, many bodybuilders do not even get up to 300 pounds in the off season, which speaks to Kovacs’ sheer size. Kovacs earned his pro card at Canadian Nationals though never ended up doing well as a pro, most likely due to his poor structure. Although Kovacs was incredibly huge, his waist and mid section was also quite big and distended. Additionally, Kovacs was 6 foot 5 which is not an ideal height for a bodybuilder by any means. Most legendary bodybuilders tend to be around 5’8 to 5’10. Although Kovacs was not a very good pro, he was extremely popular and well known to his extreme size. Unfortunately Kovacs died at the age of 44 due to health complications. He will always remain a legendary Canadian bodybuilder. 

Steve Brisbois

Brisbois aka the giant killer competed at only 170 pounds and he was 5 foot 4. He earned his pro card in Canada and went on to compete in the pro league and was moderately successful as a pro. He was extremely aesthetic and had a physique that would be perfect for the modern classic physique division. He ended up placing fifth at the Arnold Classic in 1992 which was his best placing ever. 

Although it is no secret that all bodybuilders use Injectable Steroids and Oral Steroids , it is worth mentioning the almost all Pro bodybuilders, Canadian or not engage in the use of Anabolic Steroids.  Bodybuilding in Canada has started to become much more popular in the modern world. The use of performance enhancers such as Steroids and Sarms has also sky rocketed. According to a certain study about 3% of Canadian students in 1996 had said to have used Steroids, which was a higher number than was presumed. Although no recent studies have been done, that number is without a doubt much higher now. Bodybuilding is now much more popular and the emergence of social media has encouraged many to dabble with anabolic steroids to achieve a better physique. We cannot say whether the use of Anabolic Steroids is right or wrong, but we recommend that you consult your doctor and do not engage in the use of any Steroids without medical supervision. The legendary Canadian bodybuilders that were mentioned in this article were all IFBB PROFESSIONAL bodybuilders. Pro bodybuilders use performance enhancements such as Steroids under medical supervision and are monitored incase their health takes a toll. The use of Steroids without consulting a doctor can be reckless and dangerous. 

Turning Pro in Canada – Not so easy now is it? Before we conclude this article it is worth mentioning that become a Pro Bodybuilder in Canada is much more difficult compared to the United States. American bodybuilders have many more shows that award Pro Cards, while Canada only tends to offer 2 shows per year where amateur bodybuilders can turn pro. Even then, usually, only one pro card is awarded per division, while in the United States a pro card is often given to each class winner. Despite the difficulties of becoming a Pro bodybuilder, Canadian Pros still remain competitive and relevant in the world of pro bodybuilding.

We hope that you found our article about the steroid use of some Canadian bodybuilders insightful. If you’re looking for a guide about how you should go about choosing a Canadian Steroid Source, then please check out our blog section for an article for the perfect guide.