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    Global Pharmaceuticals is an Estonian-Canadian licensed pharmaceuticals company (www.globalpharma.ee) registered in Estonia in 2010). Global Pharmaceuticals’s Anabolic Steroids are Canada’s only pharmaceutical grade/Human grade products designed specifically for the use of athletes. Global Pharmaceuticals is the only Canadian manufacturer of steroids with a complete line of ampoules for all injectable products. Furthermore, Global Pharmaceuticals is Canada’s only manufacturer of steroids with a complete line of Oral Anabolic Steroids, Post Cycle/on Cycle products, and Sexual aid products that are manufactured in a licensed pharmaceutical facility. All of the oral steroid products are in sealed blister packs, which no other company in Canada is currently capable of producing. Global Pharmaceuticals is the number one choice for the highest quality Human Grade Anabolic Steroids and Ancillaries in Canada. For more details regarding Global Pharma Canada please contact us at [email protected]