SYN Pharmaceuticals

SYN Pharmaceuticals is one of Canada’s most well-known and reputable brands in Canada. SYN Pharmaceuticals has been operating in Canada for a number of years and has earned itself a very good reputation. This manufacturer produces a very large range of products. The product line ranges from Oral Steroids, Injectable Steroids, Sarms, Sexual Assistance Products, Fat Loss Products, and various ancillary products.

Production takes in a setting with pharmaceutical grade standard quality control measures being in place. SYN Pharma’s Injectable Steroids are supplied in 10ml sterile vials. Syn Pharma follows a thorough filtration and sterilization process in order to produce pain-free and smooth Injectable Steroid Preparations. Oral Steroid preparations and other Oral products are supplied in the form of colour coded pressed tablets. The tablets are produced using the highest quality binders and dyes, for a well pressed, easily split, and convenient to consume finished product.

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