SYN Pharmaceuticals

SYN Pharmaceuticals is one of Canada’s most well-known and reputable brands in Canada. SYN Pharmaceuticals has been operating in Canada for a number of years and has earned itself a very good reputation. This manufacturer produces a very large range of products. The product line ranges from Oral Steroids, Injectable Steroids, Sarms, Sexual Assistance Products, Fat Loss Products, and various ancillary products.

Production takes in a setting with pharmaceutical-grade standard quality control measures being in place. SYN Pharma’s Injectable Steroids are supplied in 10ml sterile vials. Syn Pharma follows a thorough filtration and sterilization process in order to produce pain-free and smooth Injectable Steroid Preparations. Oral Steroid preparations and other Oral products are supplied in the form of colour-coded pressed tablets. The tablets are produced using the highest quality binders and dyes, for a well pressed, easily split, and convenient to consume finished product.

At the moment, PGAnabolics’ inventory of SYN Pharma Canada products are mostly limited to: Sexual Assistance Products, Sarms, Fat Burners, Hairloss medications, and a limited number of Injectable Steroids & Oral Steroids. 

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