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Pregabalin is a medication used for the purpose of treating neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia. It is also sometimes prescribed for the purpose of treating the onset of seizures. Though usually it is combined with other medications when it is prescribed for the treatment of seizures. The brand name for Pregabalin is Lyrica.

Pregabalin is in the category of medications known as anticonsulvsants. The exact mechanism of action of Pregabalin is not known, but it is suggested that this compound calms the nerves in the body, and as a result, reduces pain and or seizures.

The most common side effects of Pregabalin include sleepiness, blurry vision, and dizziness.


6 reviews for JAMP – PREGABALIN (LYRICA) 150MG

  1. Patrick Cyr

    Wil purchase more! PG has real pharmaceuticals.

  2. Josh . W

    Real deal. I will always shop here

  3. cameron.forrest

    Incredible product and the customer service fron PG is stellar. Super fast shipping and excellent communication.

  4. Purcatec

    First time ordering from PG. I am quite impressed! Legit product, and it came in one day. Thanks yall

  5. Matt

    Been ordering from PGA for years now and never been disappointed! This lyrica is great and the real deal. I’m using it to get off hypnotics (sleeping pills) and it has been a huge help! Thanks again guys

  6. [email protected]

    Love this company , been using it for a few years now , u get exactly what you want , top grade pharmaceuticals

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