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NOTE: When ordering this product, you will receive 9 ampoules. Each ampoule is 1ml dosed at 250mg/ml

  • DOSE: 250MG/ML
  • QUANTITY: 9 1ml ampoules


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8 reviews for OBS – SUSTANON 250MG

  1. patcyrcyr

    A good deal of good quality!

  2. patcyrcyr

    Very good quality!

  3. Murray Sam

    Excellent product!

  4. Joshua

    Strong stuff definitely legit

  5. Mr. Exogenous

    Like this product, but feels like more short ester testosterone than long ones. I inject 3 times a week for best results!

  6. dickzombi

    This stuff works great , injected every three days with this. No pips. Great gains and increased weight. My body really loved this sus.

  7. gary

    love this blend! feeling great!!

  8. arifmomo63

    Nice. Very nice

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