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Hexeralin is also known as Examorelin. It is a synthetic and peptide growth hormone that is centrally penetrant and orally active, and potent that activates the GHSR.

It was originally developed by Mediolanum Farmaceutic.

What does Hexeralin do? 

It is a very powerful stimulus for the secretion of GHSR in adults. It is also very important to act as a stimulus for the secretion of GHSR in the pubertal children but not in the elderly subjects and pre-pubertal children.

It increases strength, energy and stamina of the body significantly. In cardiovascular conditions, it has cardioprotective activity such as in ischemic heart diseases, atherosclerosis, cardiac fibrosis, and cardiac dysfunction.

Benefits of  Hexarelin 

  • In addition to cardioprotective effects, it reduces fibrotic induration of the liver.
  • It significantly improves insulin and glucose intolerance. It also improves liver triglycerides of MKR mice and decreases plasma.
  • Its advantageous metabolic effects are due to increased adipocyte differentiation of adipose tissue and highly improved metabolism of lipids.

The recommended dosage of Hexarelin

  • 2 micro grams per kilogram for well-nourished and healthy patients of 20-40 years of age.
  • 1 micro gram per kilogram for poorly nourished and 50-70 years of age.

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