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  1. constructiveresearch

    Extremely high quality product for the cost, no complaints and i did up to a 750mg-1g blast and definitely could tell its some power test, 1 vial no issues with injections more otw!, minimal PIP to nothing and easy handle all around, looking forward to being able to fully review this product at the end of my first cycle –

  2. ConstructiveResearch

    Second vial, same quality as first no issues at all. I found more kick from Global pharmaceuticals but that could of just been because i started my first 4 weeks on it! (Fast-Responder) still for the cost and what you get its still worth it and the quality of the vials are perfectly fine only a minor issue my second go, but nothing major (assuming user error) PIP nothing different from other brands! (Always quick, efficient shipping aswell 🙂 )

  3. Mr. Exogenous

    Bought this product a couple times! Stacks well with oxandrolone. Nice test product… very professional looking for UGL! I’m happy!

  4. Mr. Exogenous

    Bought this product a couple times! Very happy!

  5. lisdex

    No pain after injection, good quality product.
    I ordered and received it 2 business days later.

  6. francis maclean

    I have used multiple brands of test on here and they have all been of such quality you can pretty me just spin a roulette wheel for which test to go with. They are all good, just pick one lol.

  7. tpolehoykie

    Found this product to be ok. It’s possible that Global was so much better that it took away from this one . It worked and had little to no pip. Ran the bottle but Global will be the go to because it seems to hit much better

  8. bilalrocks9

    Pretty good, gets the job done. However i dont think its as pure as pharma grade (maybe this is obvious). Ran 12 weeks 300mg/week at 75mg every other day. Definitely strength gains, decent muscle increase.

    However when checking my blood around the 7-8 week mark my total test was under 1200 ngl/dl. Which is around the optimal ref range for most. I wonder if it was pharma grade what that difference would be. Definitely a good option for Test E. PG Anabolics is the go to, i highly recommend these guys.


    I have used many different brands of test Enanthate, this is the best one. Very strong with great gains. I strongly recommend taking fish oil and collagen for joint and ligament support. I took 1 mil every 3 days for 12 weeks. Eat clean and workout hard, you won’t have any cholesterol problems either.

  10. james patrick

    great stuff i highly recommend getting some of this. no PIP and more bang for your $

  11. jimmy

    good stuff 0 pip got bloods done took my shot monday bloods done thurs and levels were still high. so this is definitely the way to go. im on TRT and this is just as good as the pharma brand in my opinion

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