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    Halotestin by SYN Pharma is one of the most popular oral steroids that is utilized by pre-contest bodybuilders and powerlifters. Powerlifters enjoy this compound because it has the ability to increase an athlete’s strength tremendously without putting on any weight. Anadrol, Dianabol and other commonly used oral steroids are also great for strength, but they also add a lot of water retention to the user. Some competitive powerlifters prefer to compete in a specific weight class, so they have to be able to get stronger without adding on weight.

    Bodybuilders also use Halotestin, but usually only a few weeks before a contest. Halotestin adds a certain dry and grainy look which is unmatched by any other pre contest drug. This makes Halo a great addition to a pre-contest stack.

    As great as Halotestin is, it must be noted that this oral steroid is very androgenic and also very liver toxic. Therefore, this compound has a lot of negative side effects which should be considered carefully before use. The main ones being liver toxicity, and aggression due the the high androgenic levels of Halotestin.