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10 reviews for AURO – MODAFINIL 100MG

  1. alexandre.lamy

    Great product, fair price compared to other online sellers. The same brand that is sold in Quebec drug store. Sometimes APO is shipped and it gives me a little stronger effect but AURO is also efficient.

  2. Nick Skutnik

    Great to deal with. I’ve been dealing with these guys a few years now and they’ve always had modafinil in stock. They are very efficient, quick to respond, always fast processing my orders. They always send tracking but I’m at the point where I don’t bother checking anymore, stuff almost arrives like clockwork. Thank you PG.

  3. The king of everything

    Really great company! Thank you so much, glad I can trust them. Also really fast delivery came a day in advance.

  4. BrodoBob

    3rd time ordering from these guys. I don’t know how I would get in without this store. Thank you PG.


  5. Steven Keane

    First time ordering and I’m very happy with my purchase. I received my order in 3 days and customer service was excellent. Great products and great company to deal with. I will definitely be ordering again.

  6. M.W

    I was extremely impressed with this product. Came as advertised, definitely legit. Fast shipping too.

  7. Isabelle Janvier


  8. trungly23

    Definitely vouch for PG. They are the quintessence of service, speedy delivery and high quality products!

    Like previous comment, APO is stronger than teva

  9. Lukas Forbister

    Works great. I like that the pills are 100mg. I think 200mg is normal for a lot of people but 100mg is great just for a little extra pick me up on some days.

  10. jamiedevisser40

    This stuff is great for getting through those long days in the oil patch. Beats energy drinks! Love it.

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