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TNT Blend stands for Testosterone & Trenbolone Blend. This injectable steroid blend, is an extremely powerful blend of the two king steroids, Trenbolone and Testosterone. This blend can be used for both the purpose of bulking or cutting. Check out our article about the differences between Cutting Steroids Vs Bulking Steroids for more information. However, it is typically used for the purpose of bulking, because both compounds in the blend Trenbolone Enanthate and Testosterone Enanthate are long esters. Pharma Tech’s Cut Blend, is the ideal choice when it comes to cutting and shredding down.

The reason this blend works as such an effective bulking compound is that Trenbolone is one of the best strength builders, while Testosterone is one of the best muscle builders. Combining the two creates a formidable clean bulking cycle, that cannot be rivaled by many other Steroids. One of the other benefits of this compound is that Trenbolone will keep the user lean and prevent Testosterone from causing as much water retention as it usually would. We highly recommend this blend for individuals that want to put on as much strength and muscle as possible, while keeping water retention to a medium extent. It is impossible to prevent water retention altogether when using medium to high doses of Testosterone, but the Trenbolone component will definitely assist in limiting the extent of water retention. This blend should be administered at least twice per week.

6 reviews for PHARMA TECH LABS – TNT BLEND 400MG

  1. marsenault079

    This is the best tnt blend I’ve tried,,mostly always dosed with 150 Mg tren E ,well this blend has 200mg and a hell of a kick !!!

  2. Angus

    Did a body recomp this past summer and the TNT blend works as advertised !

  3. parenteau314

    BY FAR the biggest pump I’ve ever felt in my life, not even close to anything else, I literally couldn’t straighten my right arm one time. The strength as never been this good too, I weight 170 pounds and I suddenly can bench 300 pound 3 time no belt, no spotter, while on test & dbol/anadrol I couldn’t do it a SINGLE time. Lethargy is absolutely horrible tho, seriously be aware, like I can workout 5 day a week natty and on this I can’t go more than 2 time a week and I have a home gym lol. Definitely not for beginners unless maybe you go for a really low dosage.

  4. pouter-fright0t

    PG is without doubt the primeur supplier, Best customer service is not an exaggeration.

  5. Georgio

    Within a week started seeing and feeling the results very good stuff plan on doing it again I’m a very satisfied with everything.

  6. Chris Noble

    Started seeing results after 2 weeks REALLY recommend this blend and PG Anabolics in general 100%

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