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Quality Control

PGAnabolics is strives for perfection and is committed to carrying only the highest quality products by the best manufacturers. On this page you can find THIRD party laboratory tests on the products from our manufactures: Global Pharmaceuticals, SYN Pharmaceuticals, BA-CHEM Peptides and more!

Global Pharma – Primobolan Acetate

Global Pharma – Anavar

Global Pharma – Clomid

Global Pharma – Deca-Durabolin

Global Pharma – Dianabol

Global Pharma – Testosterone Enanthate

Global Pharma – Testosterone Propionate

Global Pharma – Trenbolone Acetate

Global Pharma – Winstrol

SYN Pharma – Cialis

SYN Pharma – MK-677

SYN Pharma – Viagra