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    Generally Asked Questions

    How do I know your company is legitimate and creditable?

    PG Anabolics is a prominent supplier of performance enhancing compounds, with a strong presence in Canada. We are rated on top performance enhancing source websites including, but not limited to: Eroids, Musculegurus, Meso RX, SST and Northern Muscle.

    How can I trust the quality of the products?

    We carry only the highest quality brands and pharmaceutical grade products. Please refer to our “Quality Control” tab for independent lab tests conducted on our products.

    Furthermore, we are approved suppliers for all the brands that we carry, including, but not limited to: SYN Pharmaceuticals, Global Pharmaceuticals, Pharma Tech labs and Genevatropin HGH. 

    Do you offer discounts or bulk pricing?

    Yes. Please visit the “discounts” page on our website for more details. We can also discuss bulk discounts and other deals via email at [email protected]

    Can you plan or help me with my cycle or performance enhancing regiment?

    We do not provide these services and we do not take any liabilities for how you choose to use the products listed on pganabolics.com  

    Why am I not receiving emails from you?

    Our emails may be landing in your junk/spam folder. Please check those folders and if you discover our emails there, then kindly safe list our email address and henceforth emails should land in your inbox.

    I am looking for a product that you do not have listed on your site, can you get it for me?

    We make no guarantees, but you can send us your request at [email protected] and we will try our best to source the product for you.

    I ordered “X” brand of Canadian Pharmaceutical product and received “Y” brand, why is this and is there a difference in quality? 

    First and foremost, please remember that this only applies to Canadian made products listed in the “pharmaceutical grade section.” If you order a product from Global Pharma, Pharma Tech Labs, SYN Pharma or any other brand not listed in the “pharmaceutical grade” section then you will receive exactly the brand you ordered.

    Products in the Pharmaceutical section are products such as: Zopiclone, Modafinil, Accutane, etc. These are Canadian Pharmacy Grade products. These products are manufactured by Canadian approved companies such as Mar, Apotex, Auro, Ranbaxy and are available in very limited quantities. All manufacturers are held to the same degree of quality, and produce the same dose/quantity as one another at the same price. The distributors that we work with carry all those brands, and when an order is processed any of those brands may be sent. We do not have control over which brand is sent. However, we guarantee the following:

    The product that you receive will be from a Canadian approved manufacturer, it will be the exact same dose and exact same quantity as advertised. For example, if you order Zopiclone 7.5mg 100 tablets, you will exactly receive that, but it could be from Apotex, Auro, Ranbaxy, etc – all which are Canadian approved manufacturers.

    Shipping Related Questions

    Where do you ship to and from where?

    We are a Canadian company. We offer domestic shipping to all of Canada. Zero chance of seized packs from customs since we ship within Canada.

    We also ship to the USA, with a 99% success rate. Packs entering the USA from Canada are rarely ever subject to inspections. On the extremely rate chance that your pack is seized by customs, we will reship your product at only 25% cost of the order + the shipping fee. 

    We ship to all other countries with a 99% success rate. Packs entering countries from Canada are rarely ever subject to inspections.

    What shipping method do you use?

    For Canadian clients:

    We ship with Canada Post Express. Delivery takes 1-3 business days depending on your location. (We do offer Priority shipping for a higher rate).

    For USA clients:

    We ship with Canada Post Track Packet. Delivery takes 3-6 business days depending on your location. (Express shipping offered at a higher rate).

    For International clients:

    We ship with Canada Post Track Packet. Delivery takes 6-10 business days depending on your location.

    What is the cost of shipping?

    All of our packs are shipped with a tracking number.

    For Canadian clients:

    The cost of shipping is $25 for Canada Post Express. ( Speed: 1-3 business days).

    The cost of shipping is $50 for Canada Post Priority ( Speed: 1 day to most locations, but possibly 2 to rural areas).

    Shipping is free for orders over $1500 for Canadian clients only.

    For USA clients:

    The cost of shipping is $25 for Canada Post Track Packet. ( Speed: 4-6 business days).

    For International clients:

    The cost of shipping is $40 for Canada Post Track Packet. (Speed 6-10 business days).

    Do you ship to PO boxes?

    Yes we do.

    Do you provide a tracking number?

    Yes. Your order can be tracked on Canadapost.ca

    You can expect to receive an email with a tracking number 24-72 hours on average (business days) after your payment has been received. Please do not email us requesting for a tracking number unless at least 3 business days have passed since your payment has been received.

    The tracking number that you have provided does not show up on Canadapost.ca – What is the deal?

    Please keep in mind that Canada Post’s website may take up to 1 business day to be updated. If your order does not appear on Canada Post’s website 24 hours after receiving your tracking number, then please email us with your order #.

    Do I have to sign for my order upon delivery?

    No. All orders are shipped without requiring the client to sign for it. However, the option for sign is available for clients that would like to sign for their order.

    I provided you with an incorrect shipping address. What can I do?

    Please make sure to triple check your mailing address prior to placing an order. We will not be able to retrieve, refund or help you if your pack is sent you an incorrect address. We will not take responsibility for your error. We use a printer to print all addresses as exactly provided by the client to prevent any chances of human error on our side. 

    PG Anabolics uses a fictional return address. Therefore, in a scenario where a client provides us with an incorrect shipping address, the pack will not be returned to us and will be deemed as lost.

    How fast do you ship orders?

    Orders are shipped within 24-72 business hours after payment has been received. 24-48 hours is the standard. We try our best to ship products as fast as possible, but please understand that we carry 100+ products, many which are pharmaceutical grade products that are not obtainable through any other source in Canada. These products are obtainable only in limited quantities at a time, hence why orders containing these items can sometimes take up to 72 hours to ship. 

    Can my order be seized by my country’s customs? If so, can I do?

    For Canadians:

    We offer domestic shipping for Canadian clients. As a result, orders do not need to pass customs. It is impossible for your order to be seized by customs if you are within Canada.

    For USA:

     We have a 99% success rate to USA. Packs coming into USA from Canada are often never searched. On the extremely rare chance that your pack is seized by customs, we will reship your product once at only 25% cost of the original order + the shipping fee. 

    For International clients:

    Packs being shipped from Canada are almost never flagged and we have a very high rate of delivery to other countries. If your pack is seized by customs, we will reship your product once at 25% cost of the original order + the shipping fee. 


    **NOTE** – PGANBAOLICS carries over 100 products, approximately 10 of our products are NOT eligible for re-ship under our re-ship policy. Those items are:


    Canadapost.ca Says that my ordered has been delivered, but I do not have it?

    Based on statistics, it is extremely rare for Canada Post to ever lose a package. Such occurrences happen 1 out of every 1000 packs shipped. If your tracking #’s status is delivered according to Canada Post, then we consider it as delivered. We can guide you through the steps of opening an investigation ticket for Canada Post to try and locate the pack. However, we will not contact Canada Post on your behalf due to the nature of our business.

    Payment & Order Related Questions

    What currency are your prices in?

    All of our prices are in CAD (Canadian dollars) for Canadian clients.

    All of our prices are in USD (American dollars) for US clients and international clients.

    Is there a minimum order?

    We do not have a minimum order.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept the following payment methods:

    ->Interac Email Money Transfer and Bitcoin  (Canadian clients)

    ->Bitcoin and Paypal(GIFT) (USA, Canadian and International clients)

    We do not offer any other methods of payment.

    Where can I find payment instructions for my order?

    Precise and easy payment instructions will be emailed to you upon placing an order. Please ensure to check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive an email from us shortly after your order is placed.

    Can I return items?

    We do not accept any returns. We do not have a physical location where items can be sent.

    Can I come and physically pick up my order?

    No. We only offer mail services.

    I have an issue with an order, what can I do?

    We provide ourselves in superb customer service. If you happen to have any issues, then kindly contact us and we will try our best to help you. We kindly ask that you do not write any negative reviews about our website before giving us a chance to address the problem.

    For all other inquiries, please contact us at: [email protected]