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Clonidine is a very versatile compound in the sense that it is used for all the following reasons:

1.It is an alpha-2 adrenergic receptor agonist, which is basically saying that it is able to help chronic pain.

2.It also has a calming effect on the human body, therefore it may also help with anxiety or ADHD. (Clonidine is not a nootropic per se, but it is sometimes used for individuals with ADHD to help with symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and sleep difficulties)

3.It is also used to treat high blood pressure, as it helps decrease a person’s heart rate and relaxes blood vessels which enable blood to flow easier.

5 reviews for MINT – CLONIDINE 0.1MG

  1. CK

    I picked this up as I tend to a bit of an anxious person. Since the potential for rebound does exist, It’s not something I will be taking daily. Maybe once or twice a week when I need to get a lot work done. However, on the days I do take it, I am able to maintain focus, for longer as It allows me to clear my mind easier. And it really does help with anxiety as well.

    Product came sealed in manufacturer’s bottle. Thank you.

  2. Patrick Cyr

    Good quality!

  3. Patrick Cyr

    Very smooth! Great for axiety.

  4. Patrick Cyr

    Very effective. Very great full. To be able to use.

  5. MattC

    Great for lowering my high bp, top notch service and great people.

    Reduces anxiety and calms you down when you get use to it, sealed bottle as well.

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